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Jeremiah from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Jeremiah is a soft spoken but insightful young man who describes himself as smart, caring, and fair. Two of his favorite activities are playing video games and reading. He has a real passion for electronics and his favorite book series is the ?Inheritance Cycle? about the adventures of a young man named Eragon and his dragon. While he is a HUGE video games fan, he also likes to play soccer and is willing to be adventurous. He's a very intelligent young man who loves learning and always has new facts he's learned at school to share. He hopes to one day become a detective. Jeremiah would prefer a mom and dad or a single mom or single dad. He needs a family who understands that he takes some time to warm up to new people. He is a very loyal person once you've earned his trust. He would like to have ongoing contact with his older brother. Family is very important to Jeremiah, and he really wants to find his forever family. Jeremiah is legally free for adoption. For more information about Jeremiah, please have your worker contact his recruiter, Alia Husmann, at or 717-920-9434 ext. 10262.