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Jordan from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Jordan is a creative, independent, and resilient girl. Jordan also describes herself as talented, open, loyal and trusting. Jordan strongly values respect, loyalty and trust in a relationship and utilizes quality time and conversations to help build trust with another. She can struggle to trust others, especially if she feels disrespected; however, once gained she is more likely to open up about her feelings. Jordan would love to travel to Florida and chill on a beach. She also longs to visit Puerto Rico one day. When asked about her future aspirations, Jordan would like to attend Temple University for music and begin a career in the music industry writing and singing her own songs. Jordan is drawn to rap and R&B music as she feels she can relate well to the lyrics in songs. In order to help express her thoughts and feelings, Jordan writes her own lyrics which also helps calm her down if she gets upset. Jordan also likes to go for walks, run and express herself artistically when upset. If the music industry doesn't work out for Jordan, her second-choice career would be a lawyer as she feels she is able to fight for what she believes to be true. Jordan is looking for a family who is willing to communicate with her clear boundaries and expectations but also allow for discussion regarding what she is comfortable with. Jordan would like an active family who enjoys going on trips, to the movies, and places around town. Jordan would also like a family who is ?down for chilling at home.? Jordan is open to any type of families of any race or background; she's pretty flexible! Jordan will need a family to become familiar with and supportive of her needs. Jordan is not legally free for adoption. To learn more about Jordan, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have your family recruiter contact Janelle Ott via telephone or email
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