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Jordan from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

My name's Jordan and that's because I respect Michael Jordan. I also am a HUGE fan of Kobe Bryant. I've read his biography at least seven times...and I'll probably read it seven more. I respect Kobe and his family because of the way that they stuck by him and stood up for him in his time of troubles. That's the kind of family that I want and need. I want parents who will treat me the same way: celebrate my wins, comfort when I, "take an 'L'", and if I mess up. That's what I want from a family. I need love. I'm tired of not having anyone in my corner who can help me meet my needs. What I worry about the most is not having people that will stick with me, and not walk out on me the first time I make a mistake or do something out of pocket. I'm a strong young woman who has survived some really tough times, and I am resilient...I don't give up easy. So, a little about me. I'm a natural dancer, singer, and basketball player. I'm what you call a "triple threat." I'm also interested in playing look out for me on the field or on the court. But, I'm more than just a performer. I'm also a poet and budding artist. I live to create works of art using my words. Someday, in the future, I want to become a song writer. I like to put my experiences and my struggles into my music...'cause we all know that that's what people like the best. My favorite foods are Sushi, even the raw stuff, crab legs, lobster, shrimp, and all seafood. I won't eat baked beans...I hate them. I won't eat "mystery meat", especially meatloaf. If I had a whole day of free time, I'd spend it playing sports, listening to music, and writing raps, and watching all of Kobe Bryant's reruns. Now that's a great day! If I had a family, and a whole day of free time to spend with them, my perfect day would be to go somewhere and do something with them. We could go to the beach or the movies or the park, and then definitely out to eat...I need some crab legs in my life! I LOVE horror movies, crime movies, and definitely comedies by Kevin Hart and other guys. I am obsessed with the movie, "The Hate U Give", and my second favorite is, "I am Legend." Finally, one cool fact about me is that I am a survivor and I will NEVER give up on my dreams! Another is that I am very insightful and intelligent; I am a smart young woman who wants to finish school and go to college. I'd like to be a cosmetologist or a pediatrician; if not those, I'll be a lawyer 'cause I love to debate. Or, I could be a professional basketball player or a song writer. Really, there's a TON of things I want to do, so get ready for the ride of your life. I just need a family to help me reach those goals! I know you're out there... Parental rights have not been terminated for Jordan. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Chris Moyher, via telephone or email
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