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Jovani from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Jovani is a fun-loving, young man with a unique personality. He describes himself as ?awesome and nice.? Jovani enjoys being around people, especially when he can have one-on-one attention from adults. He likes playing with building blocks, video games, action figures, and other toys. He enjoys reading books to others as well as listening and singing along to rap and hip hop music. Jovani's favorite place to be is outside, where he can ride his bicycle, go swimming, toss a ball around, or shoot some hoops. You should see his awesome three-pointers! Jovani likes learning new things; however, he ?does not like school.? He is a hands-on learner and attends a school with an autistic support setting. Jovani can be very impulsive, but responds well with verbal praise and redirection. Jovani loves to eat. His favorite foods are sweets, but he will try most anything. Jovani can hardly hold his excitement when he is told he's going somewhere. He loves doing fun things and wants a family who is as energetic as he is and will do a lot of fun things together. Jovani also wants to stay in touch with his grandparents and some past friends. Jovani is not yet legally free for adoption. For more information about Jovani, please contact his recruiter, Rene, at
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