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Julian from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Julie is an adorable young girl who has brown hair, brown eyes, and a bright smile. She is full of energy and enjoys playing with other children. She loves playing outside whenever possible, and also likes coloring, drawing, and doing all kinds of arts and crafts projects. Julie is smart and inquisitive and loves learning new games to play. She thrives on individual attention and her favorite food is pizza. Julian is a sweet little boy who has brown hair and brown eyes. Initially quiet and shy, he warms up easily as he gets to know you. Julian enjoys playing with other children however he thrives on individual attention. He loves coloring, playing with toys, and doing arts and crafts projects. Julie and Julian need a patient and nurturing family who can provide routine, structure, and clear set limitations. They do well with other children but need a family who can also give individual attention to each child. At this time, the children have bi-weekly visits with their birthmother and monthly visits with their birthfather in the southeastern Pennsylvania area and any family that is interested in providing permanency for these siblings should be willing to accommodate these visits. Julie and Julian are not yet legally free for adoption.