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Justin from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Hi, my name is Justin and I am very friendly and nice. I get along well with others and love being around people. I also like to joke around. My favorite sport is football, and I enjoy following the Steelers, who are big in this area. They're my favorite professional team, but I watch college football sometimes and I like the Clemson Tigers the best because they're a good team and have a lot of winning seasons. I watched the Concussion movie recently and I do think that football will have to change if it wants to stay around. The sport probably should be safer, but I'll still watch it. I used to want to learn to speak Italian, but I've changed my mind and I think I'd like to try Japanese or Chinese, especially Japanese because I want to live there, even if it's just for a short time. I also like martial arts like karate and kung-fu so learning one of these languages might be better, but it will be more challenging. I would like to eventually be a chef. I could travel a bit and maybe work in a restaurant in Japan one day before I'd open my own place. I think a great chef should travel so that they can study and learn different ways of cooking. I consider myself an outdoor person and I like fishing, hiking, and camping. I am not into bugs though, and so I use bug-spray. I make sure to pack it. Also, I am not into hunting, not even deer. I used to go to a Christian summer camp, and I have some good memories of that. I would like to do something like that again. I remember we stayed in cabins. I would like to be with a family who will care about me and help me with my school work. My favorite subjects are math and spelling.? Justin is not yet legally free for adoption.