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Kazir from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kazir is an endearing little boy with a pleasant demeanor and heartwarming smile. Kazir is a happy child; he loves attention and interacting with others and can often be seen smiling and laughing. Kazir loves being rocked and held by his caregivers. Kazir's caretakers describe him as energetic, affectionate and playful. He also enjoys being read to and his favorite book is Good Night Bear. Kazir loves music and bright colored toys; and interacting and playing with his iPad and listening to nursery rhymes. One of Kazir's favorite pastimes is playing with his toys and putting them in his mouth. Kazir shows great interest in sensory stimulating activities such as painting, swings, and music. He is especially fond of fruit and tends to like foods that are sweeter. Kazir spends a good part of his day participating in circle time and different learning activities with other children. Kazir loves being out in the community, going to parks, sensory museums and just being outdoors in the fresh air. Kazir is adored by the adults in his life for his pleasant demeanor and his content personality. He continues to demonstrate progress in more independent play and he is even beginning to learn sign language. Wow, what an amazing little boy. Kazir needs a forever family that would advocate for him so that he can reach his fullest potential. Parental rights have been terminated for Kazir. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Brenda Corbett, via telephone or email
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