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Kelly from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Hi! I'm Kelly and I am eager to be matched with my very own forever family! I have a funny, witty, charming personality and I like to draw, sing, dance, and ?hang out? with my friends. I would love to be able to experience a ?normal? teenage life where I am encouraged to make and keep friendships and be able to spend time with my friends outside of school hours. I would also love a family that believes in having family meals together and doing fun things together, such as going to the movies, out to dinner, to amusement parks, or even the beach. I would also like a family that keeps their promises and would enjoy spending individual time with me doing things I enjoy and teaching me how to get ready for independence, such as cooking, laundry, and budgeting. I am not really sure what I would like to do after high school yet and would appreciate having a family willing to help guide me as I determine what my career strengths might be. Kelly's high school teachers describe her as a kind-hearted, eager student with great leadership abilities. She is cooperative, respectful, and courteous towards her peers and often uses free time to help in the classroom or help peers who might be struggling. All family compositions would be considered for Kelly, particularly two-parent, single-female, or two-female households. She also does well with other children and pets. Kelly is not yet legally free for adoption. To learn more about Kelly please call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN, or contact Kimberly Hillman at