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Kyree from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Kyree is an energetic, fun-loving boy who could melt your heart with his natural charm and stargazing eyes. He has dreams bigger than life of owning a mansion, being a video game designer, and owning a farm in the country. Some of his favorite things are video games, card games, playing outside, and art. Kyree loves almost any sport, throwing water balloons, and exploring interesting things like bugs, flowers and ?cool stuff.? Kyree has an artistic side and loves drawing and coloring. He pays careful attention to detail and is meticulous until the job is done. Kyree enjoys math and science in school, and does well, but like any kid, would much rather be playing games instead. He will tell you the thing he is proudest of in his young life so far is himself. He explains, ?I am the proudest of myself because I can make people laugh and smile. I want people to know that I have a good smile and I can be good when I want to be.? He can become very animated with his humor to bring laughter to those around him. Celebrating holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and his birthday are just some of Kyree's favorite holidays. When he was asked about the best gift he ever received, his immediate response was something that we did expect as workers and he explained, ?When I was told good job.? After more prompting, he added the norms of video games! Kyree is ready to celebrate holidays with a family. Kyree has proven his resiliency and is making progress with his treatment. He would like a family who will help him the rest of the way and give him more things to look forward to in the future. When Kyree was asked what the word ?family? meant to Kyree, he stated, ?It means listening to one another. Treating each other the way you want to be treated. And love?family means love.? Kyree wants a family to travel to visit museums, amusement parks, and maybe go camping. Kyree needs a two-parent home to help to offer him structure, nurturing, and patience as he develops into a young man and dreams big dreams. He would love a home that feels like it's in a safe neighborhood and there's grass to play in. Above all, Kyree needs parents who are committed to helping him unlock his full potential by working through the past and working with his team. While this occurs, he needs the extra love and attention by being the youngest child in the home or an only child. Kyree says he would LOVE to be in a home with animals but he needs guidance on what it means to care for a family pet. Having older siblings to look up to and be good examples would also be right up his alley. Kyree is legally free for adoption and is ready to level up in life. Are you the gaming partner he needs? For more information, please have your worker contact Kyree's recruiter, Jordan, at