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Leonard from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Lenny is a fun guy who enjoys laughing. He wants people to know that his favorite color is pink because it is in the rainbow and it reminds him of bubblegum. He says, ?I like bubblegum and I can blow huge bubbles. The secret to getting big bubbles is Bazooka Joe gum, which is pink.? He continues, ?I have a sweet tooth. Mint Oreos and chocolate pretzels are the best, but chocolate is best of all. I even have a chocolate song and I will sing it for you if you ask. ?I would say that I am a helpful guy and I like helping people. I do chores like my laundry and the dishes. I don't like setting the dinning room table because I have to set it for a lot of people right now. I would rather do the dishes. ?I like food a lot and I would like to know what sort of foods other people like. Do you like sweet potatoes? I like sweet potatoes and I like them when they are sweet and made with cinnamon and other things. I could tell you all about it. I like cauliflower, and carrots too." Lenny is legally free for adoption. For more information on Leonard, you may contact his recruiter, Helene Kosciolek, at