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Lukeus from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Lukeus is a good kid who is described as being imaginative and kind. He described himself as liking to talk to others. His favorite activity is playing action games on his PlayStation 4 with friends. Lukeus just finished his bowling elective and is now involved with Student Council at school. Reading is something else he appreciates doing and is his favorite class in school. Church is very important to him, and in the past has participated in the children's choir and youth group. When he grows up, he would like to become an automotive mechanic. Lukeus described a family as ?living with caring people where I will be happy.? He wants a loving relationship with a family where they can do fun activities together. He is legally free for adoption. For more information about this amazing young man, please have your family worker contact his recruiter, Ashlee Long, at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN.