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Maggie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a child who is creative, intelligent, and musical? That's Maggie! Maggie has a big bright smile, hazel eyes, and brown hair. She enjoys drawing, writing poetry and lyrics to songs, and reading plays, sonnets, and Shakespearean works. Maggie loves reading all types of literature from sci-fi, fiction, to non-fiction novels. She is quite talented musically; playing acoustic and electric guitars and piano and has a goal to learn how to play the violin and drums as well. Maggie is a high school student and enjoys History and Chemistry. She likes a variety of foods with her favorites being Chinese, sushi, and pizza. If Maggie was given two wishes her first wish would be the chance to travel the world (especially to California to visit Hollywood and San Francisco) and her second would be to attend art school after graduating high school. Maggie is in need of a permanent home and is open to various types of families in any type of community. She does well with a few siblings and it doesn't matter if they are younger, older, or the same age. She would really like a family who has pets, but, this isn't a deal breaker for her. Maggie wants to be adopted and is really looking forward to having a permanent family. Maggie is not yet legally free for adoption. For more information about Maggie, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN or have your family recruiter contact Shari Menichello via telephone or email
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