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Malachi from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Welcome everyone to the YMCA! I will be your leader for today's activities. Let's talk about the schedule a little, we will start with introductions to your group leaders, play some basketball, a few other things in between, and then end with some computer time. Let's get started. Our first counselor is named Malachi and he is an outgoing, funny, friendly, and active teenager. He has given me permission to tell you a little about his story so here we go. Malachi enjoys being outside playing a good old-fashioned game of basketball or football. (Hint: to be his best friend you just have to like the Golden State Warriors and the Eagles and you're golden). So not only does he enjoy being active, he also likes to hang out with his large friend group and, of course, spend time at the YMCA. When he isn't here, he does occasionally like being a couch potato and playing video games. What is slightly different about Malachi (and we thank him for sharing) is he is looking to find his forever family. Almost forgot, we will also be having pizza for lunch. Yum. Okay back to Malachi. Malachi has expressed that his forever family would ideally be a two-parent household, with a mom and a dad; however, a single parent would be considered. Malachi needs a family that can provide him with plenty of structure and support while still giving him responsibilities and allowing him to be a teenager and learn from his mistakes. Malachi wants to be the youngest child in the home and does not have a preference as to the gender of older siblings. He would like to reside in a city because he likes the energy it exhibits; however, he is open to other areas depending on if the family is the right fit. When he pictures his dream house, all he really cares about is how his room looks, which if he has his choice, he would have it all to himself and be able to decorate how he desires. Malachi would also not mind having pets, specifically a cat or a dog. It is important to know that Malachi is very talkative and enjoys communicating about his day. He can often be found holding a conversation with other individuals about not only his life, but life in general. Lastly, he is an adventurer and loves exploring his surroundings and learning new things. Lastly, with the appropriate guidance and the right amount of adventure, Malachi will become the man he strives to be. ?Well, I think that about covers it. Who's ready to get this day started?? Hold that thought. I forgot one last thing. Malachi has always dreamed of traveling to Miami for vacation, and has even thought that if he liked it that much, he might even move there. That's it. Have a great time! For more information on Malachi, please call the SWAN HelpLine at 1-800-585-SWAN, and have your worker reach out to Malachi's recruiter, Julianna Zimmerman, at