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Marvin from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Marvin, who's nickname is ManMan, wants you to know that he is ready to meet you - as long as you love bagels, pizza, and spaghetti. He wants to make sure you are ready to take fun trips to sunny places, go swimming in the summer, and watch and play football and basketball with him. Do you love to color and draw? Well so does Marvin, and he is a creative kid who gave some great artistic direction to the color scheme of his recruitment flier. He is a family oriented young guy who adores being an uncle to one of his oldest sister's sons. He can't wait to grow his family through adoption and be able to take on more roles within your own family. He lives and breathes the urban life in southeast Pennsylvania. He said it's become an instinctual thing for him to be close to or have exposure to the city. In addition, his siblings are there and he wants to make sure that as his family grows, he gets to keep up the relationship he has with them. He is hopeful to have supportive and loving parental figures who keep him on track with his educational goals and his treatment plans. He has made great efforts to grow and mature in his current setting and Marvin wants to know that his new home will be just as supportive of his needs. He is ready to invest in you and wants you to invest in him too. Marvin is legally free for adoption. When you're ready to learn more, Marvin wants you to know you can have your worker call his recruiter, Ms. Connie, or email her at