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Marvin from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Paging Marvin STAT! Is your family missing something? Let Marvin be the cure for it! Marvin is a witty, smart, and loving young boy. His favorite colors are red, black, and blue. Marvin aspires to be a doctor one day if he doesn't make it big in the NBA! Marvin is very interested in sports. He loves playing and watching basketball. Marvin's favorite athlete is the late great Kobe Bryant. Just like Kobe, Marvin is a family man. Marvin has strong ties to his biological sisters and is very protective of them. Marvin stated that his sisters are his role models. Marvin's favorite animal is a German Shepard because they look after their family and are loyal to their owners. Marvin feels a strong sense of belonging to his culture and describes himself being Muslim. These attributes are extremely important to Marvin and he wishes to continue those ties by practicing his faith, being exposed to cultural activities, and educational literature. Marvin is no stranger to the spotlight. Marvin recently achieved honor roll at school and is very proud of this accomplishment. Marvin loves to read and his favorite book is ?Diary of a Wimpy Kid?. Marvin has a strong connection to his older siblings and he has daily telephone contact with them. Marvin desires monthly contact with his older siblings who reside in the southeastern Pennsylvania area. Marvin would need a family dedicated to visits and contact with his older siblings who he affectionately call his heroes. Marvin is most interested in a two parent household or a single male household. He would do great in a home with no other children, or children his age and older. Marvin could be just what the doctor ordered for your waiting family! Parental rights have been terminated for Marvin. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Janaeyah Reid, via telephone or email
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