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Max from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Max is a handsome boy with beautiful blue-green eyes, an infectious smile, and a unique, engaging, and charming personality. He loves watching and playing all sports and is especially good at baseball (he's been to a Phillies game and he loved it!). He says that he would like to learn how to play hockey. He also enjoys playing Xbox or PlayStation and any kind of game that is available. Max is a strong performer in school, earning mostly all As and Bs. He feels that science is his toughest subject, and his favorite class is math. He enjoys attending school, making friends, and getting along with his teachers. He's a good listener, participates in class, and completes all classwork and homework assignments regularly. Max says he would like a two-parent home: he's longing for a dad who will toss a football with him and teach him how to shoot hoops and explains that a mom is someone who takes care of you, but a dad can teach you how to play sports. He would also like to have siblings, preferably brothers, but he is okay with sisters, too. He would probably do best if they are his age or older. He's hoping to find a family who can accept him into their home and their hearts. Max is legally free for adoption. For more information about this amazing young man, please contact his recruiter, Kirstie, at