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Melissa from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Evan is a young boy with a wonderful sense of humor and is a real jokester. He is kind and has a very ?go with flow? personality. Evan enjoys drawing pictures and playing outside and he loves animals. His favorite foods are hot dogs and sloppy joes. Stephanie is an outgoing and friendly young girl who enjoys attention and takes good care of her siblings. She is very creative and loves doing arts and crafts as well as drawing. Stephanie is playful and energetic; she would like to be a singer or artist when she grows up. Stephanie has a strong bond with her siblings and states she would love to live in a home with a big family. Stephanie's favorite foods are pizza, tacos, and salad with Caesar dressing. Melissa is an energetic and lively social butterfly. She greatly enjoys meeting new friends and has a close bond with her siblings. Melissa has a great imagination and loves engaging in pretend play specifically playing house or in her pretend kitchen. She also likes playing a dollhouse app on her tablet. Cassandra is a sweet little girl. She looks up to her older sister, Melissa, and will mimic her every move. Cassandra is curious and kind, she is a great sharer and loves to play. Cassandra has a great imagination and loves to engage in pretend play. She will often play with her kitchen set and feed her playmates. She is a very trusting toddler and is great with pets. Cassandra is not a picky eater, she has a deep love for vegetables and will often eat those before anything else on her play. Evan, Stephanie, Melissa, and Cassandra share a very close and loving sibling bond. They are not yet legally free for adoption.