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Michael from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Michael is a handsome boy who is waiting for his forever family. He likes to smile and has a good sense of humor. He loves cars and especially likes watching out the window for cars, buses, and trucks. Michael enjoys looking at books and naming objects he sees. When meeting new people, he is quick to learn their names. Michael's other interests are singing, especially children's songs and Christmas music, playing with blocks, coloring, and bouncing on yoga balls. Michael likes school and is liked by his teachers. Michael can communicate his wants and needs by using simple sentences, pointing and gestures. He has made progress with regard to his speech as he speaks without prompting and has increased his vocabulary. He has learned to make his bed and takes pride in doing so. Michael enjoys going into the community and does well with other children. Michael has functioned well by receiving a structured schedule, teachable moments, clear rules and boundaries and positive reinforcement. He responds best to short, clear instructions delivered in a calm manner. He follows directions and does well with re-direction. Michael is legally free for adoption.