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Muhtalib from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Strike 1! Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you there. I was distracted by the Phillies game. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Muhtalib and I'm looking for a forever family. I like to consider myself to be athletic, outgoing, and energetic. I hope to one day get involved with a soccer league, or maybe play baseball, and who knows maybe I could become a professional (a boy can dream right?). Well anyway, let's jump right in. I'm a pretty simple guy. My one main goal in life is to be happy and if a future family shares this goal, you go right to the top of my list. I dream of a two-parent household that has a mom and dad, preferably Caucasian. However, I am willing to try with other ethnicities, as long as they feel they can provide me with positivity, stability, and lots of structure. I think it would be cool if one parent stayed at home or worked part-time. I would like to have siblings but would do best in a home with older children. I do have a sister and would like to continue seeing her in the future; therefore, a family would need to be willing to partake in visits. Lastly, I need a family who can provide me firm yet appropriate redirection and some extra one on one attention. A family who will play sports with me, take hiking trips, build communities out of Legos, and hold family game nights (just a warning, I can get pretty competitive, especially at Chinese checkers) would be awesome. I wouldn't mind living in the city; however, I would love to live in the suburbs, so I can have an open backyard with a playground and maybe a pool. I love animals and wouldn't mind having a dog and a cat. Just know, if you already have pets, I can work with that. Strike 2! Look, if you take nothing away from this, I want you to know, all I want is to be happy. I want to be with a family who accepts me as I am, and who shows me daily, the love and support I deserve because in the end that is how I am going to become the man I know I can be. Woah, did you see that? The Phillies just hit a home run. Sorry I can't chat longer, I have to get back to the game. Muhtalib is legally free for adoption.