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Nasir from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Nasir is an inquisitive young boy who wants to be a part of a family. Nasir is able to form positive relationships and seeks comfort and attention from those he considers close to him. Nasir's strengths include being helpful to others and he is very optimistic and hopeful for the future. He loves to laugh and dance, and he is protective of younger children. Nasir loves puzzles and figuring out things. He enjoys building creations with Legos and anything that involves exploring. Nasir thrives with interactive activities that require movement and hands-on skills. Nasir is in need of a family who can provide him with the one on one attention he needs. He could thrive in a family who is patient and loves Nasir for who he is. Nasir is legally free for adoption. For more information, please call the SWAN HelpLine at 1-800-585-SWAN, or have your worker reach out to his recruiter, Gabriella Roldan, at
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