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Natalie from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Natalie is a smart, active, and creative teenager. She loves doing her nails and makeup as well as making necklaces and bracelets for her friends. Aside from bead work, she also loves painting, sketching, and writing. Making friends is not necessarily hard for Natalie, but she can be rather shy in a new environment. Natalie enjoys going to school for both the education and the social aspect. Her favorite subjects are math and reading. If she isn't creating art or reading a good book, Natalie enjoys playing sports with friends. She recently tried out for dance and cheerleading but also likes basketball and soccer, too. Basically, any activity that can be played or done with friends. All of that activity creates a hearty appetite. If Natalie had to eat at one place for the rest of her life, she says it would have to be a Chinese buffet. Natalie is looking for a two-parent home where she might be the only child or have one or two siblings. While she enjoys the company of all animals, dogs are her favorite. Natalie has created many connections throughout her permanency journey and would like her forever family to help her maintain these connections. Natalie is not legally free for adoption.