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Nicholas from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Nicholas is a likeable and charming, young man who can be a bit on the shy side when you first meet him, but opens up as you get to know him. He responds well to humor and honesty. He considers himself to be very active, and generally prefers to be outside, enjoying baseball, football, and basketball (although he says he's not good at basketball). He also likes snowboarding, skateboarding, paintball, and doing tricks on his bike. He likes watching sports and is an avid Eagles fan. He's open to trying new things and has a real sense of adventure. As you can see, he loves a good adrenaline rush, but he's also capable of just hanging out and relaxing and likes to read murder mystery or science fiction books. Nicholas has graduated high school and is currently working. He really enjoys making his own money and is exploring what he would like to do in the future. He's thinking about joining the military, but is also interested in attending college for psychology. He's working on advancing his independent skills, though he admits to living off peanut butter and jelly. He would benefit from a family who can assist him in exploring all of his options for the future and is willing to help him gain all the skills he needs as he enters adulthood. Nicholas would prefer a family with a mom and dad, single mom or single dad? a family who would be willing to be active with him. He feels he would do best with teenage, or older, siblings. He considers himself an animal person and is open to all pets, though his favorite pets are birds. He would prefer to live in the city or suburbs. Nicholas is legally free for adoption. For more information about Nicholas, please have your worker contact Mejiza, at