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Nigel from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Nigel is caring, charming, intelligent and a deep thinker. He is happiest when he is outside enjoying fresh air or indoors watching a Marvel movie. His favorite superhero is a tie between Superman and Batman ? one from each universe. Nigel loves writing poems, music, and rap lyrics. He also enjoys listening to music, playing basketball and creating different forms of artwork. Nigel likes going to the lake and watching the waves because it brings him peace. Nigel also enjoys having deep conversations with others and likes to view the world in different ways. When Nigel was asked what he wants in a family, he states he would love to have a supportive mother in his life. He wants a mother who he can have a good relationship with. Nigel would prefer the family live in the city and have pets. He wants to be able to attend school, do extra-curricular activities, hang out with his friends, and just be a regular kiddo. Nigel is legally free for adoption.