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Noelle from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Noelle is a pretty young lady who is fluent in both English and Spanish. She describes herself as being ?weird.? She says she laughs and giggles often. Noelle cares about others, but also feels that she needs to be shown respect. She is very smart and is able to accomplish many things when she puts her mind to it. Noelle enjoys sports and other activities. In the past, she played field hockey and enjoyed doing gymnastics. Noelle enjoys listening to music, especially Latino Pop. She also likes watching ?Parent Trap? starring Lindsay Lohan. Noelle enjoys rooting for the New York Giants football team. Noelle's favorite colors are baby blue and coral. A few of her favorite foods are rice with beans and chicken, raw broccoli, and Dominican style food. Noelle's favorite classes in school are communication, arts, and English. She has expressed an interest in becoming an architect when she grows up. Noelle is not yet legally free for adoption. For more information about Noelle, please have your worker contact Melanie Burkhart at