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Oscar from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Meet Oscar! Oscar is an amazing little boy who is full of life and has a great big smile. Oscar is fun to be around and his energy can light up a room. Oscar enjoys doing crafts, including playing with playdough and coloring. Oscar does a great job at taking his time on his special art projects ensuring that they turn out just right. He also loves building shapes and figures out of Legos and doing puzzles. Oscar has a wonderful imagination. He likes building forts, playing at the playground, and all pretend play. Oscar likes watching Ghostbusters and Peppa Pig. He also likes going to Chuck E Cheese. Oscar likes all sorts of toys, and enjoys playing with them as much as possible. He especially enjoys his Power Rangers toys. So much so that when Oscar grows up, he expressed he wants to go to college to achieve his dream of becoming Power Ranger! He also likes Batman! Like a good super hero, Oscar strives to be the best boy he can be by helping his friends in need! For outdoor activities, he likes playing baseball and basketball. Oscar's absolutely, hands-down favorite food is Mac and Cheese! His dream day would be eating mac and cheese, eat more mac and cheese, and then go to a mac and cheese festival! Oscar's caregivers say that he is a sweet boy who enjoys getting lots of love and attention. He also visits with his birth mother consistently in the Southeast region of PA and has a positive connection to his family. Oscar takes well to meeting new people and adapts positively to new situations. Absolutely adorable, Oscar is in need of a family in which he can be a forever member. Will you be that family? Oscar is not legally free for adoption. For more information, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have your family recruiter reach out to Beth Ferrie via telephone or email
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