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Owen from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Owen is an outgoing, confident and determined youth. He is fun to talk to and he can have a conversation with anyone. His permanent connection has said, ?Owen is an intelligent, exceptional, and entertaining young man! He has a big heart and is a pleasure to be around.? Saying Owen is a cat lover is an understatement. He has said that his ultimate life goal is to be a 70-year-old man, sitting on his front porch and petting a cat, or multiple cats. In the past, he has enjoyed volunteering at the humane society, and he is ecstatic to have a cat to call his own. Though he doesn't want to join a sports team, Owen enjoys being active. He loves to swim, take hikes, and gymnastics. Though he admits that he might not be very good, he would like to continue practicing his skills. Owen also enjoys yoga. He thinks it is calming and relaxing. Another one of his favorite past times is reading graphic novels. ?Adventure Time,? ?The Regular Show,? ?Gravity Falls? and ?Steven Universe? are some of his favorite graphic novels and television shows. He also likes to watch zombie shows and scary movies, even the corny ones. Like any typical teenager, Owen thinks a lot about food. Owen loves to cook and is open to learning new recipes. He is a huge donut lover and thinks exploring new donut shops sounds like a great way to spend a weekend. His all-time favorite meal, though, is a medium rare steak. Owen is an eclectic kid who knows what he likes. ?I have a coin collection, it's maybe not as big as others' but I still am proud of it. I enjoy going to antique stores to look for more coins, and other antiques. I also want to start a rock collection.? Owen usually enjoys school and is very proud about his grades. Math is his favorite subject, but he also enjoys learning about history. Owen loves video games and dreams of creating his own YouTube channel. One of his favorite YouTube celebrities is Markiplier. Owen understands that a YouTube channel isn't the most realistic way to make money, so he plans on having a day job. Because of his love of animals, he wants to work in a veterinary office. He also is interested in learning video editing skills. Owen values honesty. He wants a family that is consistent and upfront with him. ?I want parents that will let me be a teen. I would like a family that is calm and easy-going.? What is stopping you from being his forever family? Adding Owen to your family would not just be great for you, it would be great for your cat. Parental rights have been terminated for Owen. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Cecilia Buglar, via telephone or email,
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