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Owen from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Looking for a fellow cat lover? Well meet Owen! Owen absolutely loves feline friends. In the past, he has enjoyed volunteering at the humane society, and he would like the chance to take care of a cat of his own. Owen also enjoys yoga. He thinks it is calming and relaxing. When Owen is not doing the cat pose, he loves reading graphic novels. Owen has a great sense of humor and likes humorous comics, like Adventure Time graphic novels. Unlike his favorite animals, Owen loves to swim. It is one of his preferred ways to stay active. As a typical teenager, Owen thinks a lot about food. He is learning how to cook and was able to cook spaghetti for dinner recently. His all-time favorite meal is a medium rare steak. Owen is outgoing, confident and exuberant. He is fun to talk to and he can have a conversation with anyone. Someone who has worked with Owen for many years has said ?Owen is intelligent, exceptional, and entertaining young man! He has a big heart and is a pleasure to be around.? He is determined and resilient. Owen is legally free. Adding Owen to your family would not just be great for you, it would be great for your cat. For more information, please have your family worker contact Cecilia Buglar at or call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN.
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