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Rebecca from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Rebecca, or Becca to her friends, is an affectionate, friendly, and personable young lady with a great sense of humor. She'll always find a way to make you laugh, sometimes on purpose, and sometimes by accident. She has one liners that will leave you in stitches! She's also very honest, so it's generally easy to know what she's thinking and feeling. Becca loves to play board and card games, especially something silly or goofy. She likes Face Off, a competition TV show for make-up artists, baking shows, and Teen Titans. Her favorite movies are Descendants and Shazam. She loves anything creative or anything that has to do with magic, having powers, or the paranormal. She also loves crafts, and is always open to trying something new. Although she tends to be a homebody and an ?indoor person?, but she's willing to go anywhere or do anything with a caregiver and you can also find her in the pool over the summer! As she's now 18, Becca really wants to feel like an adult, and this includes helping with chores! Becca is in a specialized program at school where she does academic work part-time and works on career exploration and interdependent skills the other part of the day. In addition, she's on student council and participates in a club that repairs bicycles. She's doing very well at school and enjoys working in the community. Overall, she really enjoys being in a helping role as she has a very caring nature. She's eligible for school until she turns twenty-one and adult supports after she finishes high school. Becca and her team believe she would do best with a single mother or a two-parent family. She'd like to maintain a relationship with her biological father, her father's cousin, and her current foster mother. She really wants to continue to live in a family setting and has a lot of love to offer. Finally, she's an animal lover and would love to have pets! For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Katie Juliana, via telephone or email
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