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Reginald from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Reginald enjoys doing things most kids his age enjoys. He loves playing outside whether it's a game of kickball, free time, or to just explore the outdoors. Reginald enjoys riding his bike, going to the park and hiking as well. Although Reginald is a very picky eater, he likes to eat hot dogs, ice cream and pizza. He has a very kind heart and enjoys helping others. Things that help Reginald when he is feeling overwhelmed or wants to relax is playing his guitar, listening to music, taking a break, and being able to have alone time to create art. His artistic skills are very impressive. He loves to draw maps, and various representations with materials that help him remember the positive experiences he's been a part of. For example, with art supplies he can draw very detailed maps of vacations and pictures that would build a wonderful scrapbook. Reginald can be described as a very energetic kid. He hopes to find a loving family who likes to travel and be very adventurous. Reginald enjoys amusement parks and swimming in the summer, so these are things he looks forward to continuing. Being the youngest would be pretty cool as well. He would love to have older role models to look up to, but younger siblings are ok too. His idea of a forever home would include a loving mother, father, siblings, and pets. Being that he loves to play with dogs, he pictures himself playing and teaching the family dog new tricks while running around the yard! He would like for his forever family to support him and encourage him to be better. Reginald is hoping to find a loving home to call his own. Reginald is not yet legally free for adoption.
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