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Reni from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Reni is an intelligent, funny, goofy, and kind girl who is proud that she has taught herself how to braid hair. She believes that she is tall for her age and predicts that she is still growing, so this is helpful when she's playing basketball, a sport that she enjoys and is very good at. When she isn't playing basketball, she likes to stay active, and one of her favorite places to visit is a local trampoline park where she can do all kinds of flips. She also likes exploring the outdoors, and collecting interesting rocks she finds during her adventures. She has a great time taking her foster family's dogs swimming in a nearby lake. During quieter times, she enjoys watching comedies or horror movies, watching television shows like SpongeBob and Criminal Minds, or playing Monopoly. She is also a fan of shopping, spending time with friends, and eating. She loves seafood, pizza, and chicken salad, and she is never afraid to try new foods. She enjoys cooking for other people and has been learning new recipes. She always takes initiative when it comes to being helpful in the kitchen or with other chores. She would love to work at an amusement park when she is older and has thought about someday becoming an orthodontist. When asked how family members show each other they care, Reni responded, ?When you need them, they're there.? She does well with consistency and structure and would likely thrive in a family with a strong adult female role model. Parental rights have not been terminated for Reni. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Michele Spicer, via telephone or email
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