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Samantha from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Samantha is a sweet young woman who always sees the best in people. She's reserved and soft-spoken with a smile that can light up a room. This petite young lady loves rock and roll music, like Bon Jovi and Nickelback, but her favorite song is ?Let It Go? by Def Leppard. Samantha likes to be active and be outside. She loves to take walks, go to the park, and run around to ?get her energy out.? She loves going to the beach, and has even tried surfing! She also loves going to Hershey Park and riding all the roller coasters (her favorite roller coaster is the Comet). Some other things she enjoys are crafts, coloring, drawing, and playing volleyball. She also enjoys playing board and card games. Don't be embarrassed if she beat you at Memory, she's just that good! Oh yeah, and she's a Philadelphia Eagles fan! Samantha loves going to school and enjoys all her classes because she likes learning. She's got a lot of support in school to help her gain the skills she needs. She's been thriving with structure and consistency both educationally and at home. We're looking for a family who is willing to become familiar with Samantha's specific needs as she'll need ongoing assistance through her life. She likes all animals, but if she could choose a pet she would choose a Labrador Retriever or a Pit-Bull because she says, ?they can protect you.? Samantha is looking forward to meeting her forever family and would be a wonderful addition to any family. Although Samantha is not yet legally free for adoption, once a family is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate her parental rights. For more information about this amazing young woman, please have your family worker contact Katie Juliana at or call the SWAN Helpline.