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Serena from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Four times the fun and four times the love! Meet Ayanna, Lamar, Serena, and Omarion. This dynamic sibling group is guaranteed to bring joy and excitement to your world! Ayanna! As the oldest of the bunch, she is soft-spoken, kind, forgiving, creative, and a little bossy at times. Ayanna has a big heart and is working on becoming a great role model for her siblings. Ayanna is dedicated and strives towards improving her grades. Ayanna likes animals, enjoys listening to music, arts and crafts, and spending time with her friends. Lamar! Sweet, quiet and would love to share pizza with his siblings and their forever family. Lamar is mature and responsible. He is always on ?big brother? duty, and does a great job making sure his younger siblings stay out of trouble. Lamar is respectable and very helpful around the home. Lamar's favorite subjects in school are math and science, but he is not a big fan of reading and writing. Lamar enjoys participating in the after school program which allows him to restore his own bike and learn about safety in the community. Serena! Optimistic, vibrant and loves singing and dancing. When Serena is not moving and grooving to her favorite tunes, she enjoys watching music videos. Serena spends her spare time playing Roblox on her tablet, doing arts and crafts, and/or playing with her dolls. Serena has a wonderful imagination, especially when it comes to unicorns. Serena's favorite show is ?Alvin and the Chipmunks,? and her favorite movie is ?The Grinch.? Serena loves the color pink because it reminds her of cotton candy. She enjoys getting sweet treats every now and then, but her favorite food is macaroni and cheese. Serena's favorite subject in school is art. Serena wants to be a nurse when she grows up because her grandmother was a nurse. Omarion! Gentle, loving and is always ready to play and have fun. Omarion gets excited when he is included in everything, despite having some communication limitations. Omarion has been making tremendous progress with his communication skills and is expanding his vocabulary more and more every day. Omarion's favorite pastime is playing on his tablet; he really enjoys taking pictures, as well as watching Paw Patrol and PBS videos on it. When Omarion is not playing on his tablet, he can be found coloring and playing with Play-Doh. Omarion is known to be a great eater and is always willing to try new foods. Omarion says his favorite food is pizza, just like his older brother. Ayanna, Lamar, Serena, and Omarion are looking for a forever family that will embrace them and support them as they journey towards permanency. It is very important to them that they have the opportunity remain and grow up together. They are not yet legally free for adoption.