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Sierra from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Sierra is a persevering young lady who has a lot of personality. Sierra loves communicating in her own special way. Sierra communicates through facial expressions, making noises and crying out. She enjoys being around people, which gives her comfort. Sierra likes when you talk with her or read her a story. She also likes having the television or radio on while she is in her bedroom. Her favorite show to watch is ?Sprout.? Sierra adores stuffed animals. Sierra is looking for a resource family that will provide unconditional love, support, nurturing, understanding, and acceptance. The family must also be willing to open their home to nursing staff in order to help maintain her overall health and well-being. All families will be considered for Sierra. Sierra is not legally free for adoption at this time; however, if a permanent resource is identified the county will take steps towards the process of termination of parental rights.
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