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Simon from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Hello, my name is Simon and I can't wait to tell you about myself! I am a very active kind of kid who enjoys many kinds of activities. My favorite activities include playing with action figures and building things with Legos. Everyone tells me I have quite an imagination because I like to act out action films. I know everything there is to know about each one of them. I also enjoy working on craft projects and playing video games. People tell me I am very friendly; I like to greet people I know with a big smile and ?Hello.? I enjoy spending time with adults and work hard to please them. I do better with encouraging words and being in a structured environment. I am hoping to find a family either a single or two-parent family who will be patient and loving as I transition into their home. I would prefer to be the youngest or the only child in the family. Where I live is not an issue for me as I like both the country and city. I look forward to meeting you. Parental rights have not been terminated for Simon, however when a permanent resource is identified the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights. For more information, a family can call the SWAN Helpline at 1-800-585-SWAN or have the family worker contact the recruiter, Paige Cholewinski, via telephone or email
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