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Taylor from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Taylor has an unforgettable personality, an infectious smile and a laugh that catches your attention. She is a funny young woman who always wants to be out in the community and socializing with everyone because she's always surrounding herself in situations where she can talk and interact with others. Taylor may be ?an older youth,? but she has missed out on so many opportunities that she reminds us all to appreciate what life has to offer and at any age. She's smart and driven to pursue a career in cosmetology. There isn't a goal that Taylor can't reach without someone in her corner cheering her on. Did you know that she sang in front of hundreds of adults for the opening of a conference twice? Singing is just her hobby, but she's quite good at it. Taylor adapts well in most settings. She enjoys being active outdoors such as hiking and riding a bike. Taylor likes to try new things. ?I want a family who will care about me and won't shut me out. A family who won't make me do things by myself and won't make fun of who I am. I want a family who will want to take me places, help me with homework, getting a job, and going to college. I want to go on vacation with a family, go to amusement parks, and spend time outdoors. I think it would be nice to have parents who like to cook and have a clean house. Most importantly, I'm figuring out who I am, so having parents who will be nurturing and supportive is really important to me. I really want parents I can talk to. I want you to know I'm willing to move colleges to be closer to a family too.? Taylor is legally free for adoption and has a CSR worker and OCMI worker to help find her a forever family.
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