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Tori from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Tori is a sweet and stylish, young lady who enjoys having her hair and make-up done. If she was able to decorate her own room, it would be purple with mirrors and a zebra print. There would be a special area for her make-up, and posters of her favorite music artists would hang on the wall. Tori is a big fan of PnB Rock and Shawn Mendes. She would love to listen to their music on her very own CD player. Tori enjoys watching Tim Burton movies and ?Caroline? is one of her favorites. Tori is a good student and enjoys math class, particularly algebra. She also likes reading and most recently enjoyed the ?Hush, Hush? and ?Twilight? series. Tori would like to find an active family who would include her on vacations and outings. She would love to go out for Chinese food; ribs, egg rolls, and lo mein are her favorite dishes. Tori would love to live in a city, but is open to a variety of settings and family compositions. Tori has phone contact with her younger siblings and would like to maintain a connection with them. Tori would benefit from a family who is able to provide firm boundaries and guidance as she navigates her way through peer relationships in her teen years. A family without children, or only older female children, would likely suit her best. Tori is not yet legally free for adoption, however when a permanent resource is identified, the county will enact final steps to terminate parental rights.