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Vladimir from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Nicholas, Brigg, and Vladimir are a trio of brothers who love one another. A lover of the outdoors, Nicholas enjoys hiking, camping, biking, and taking trips with his scout troop. Nicholas is a great conversationalist and enjoys interacting with people of all ages. He is confident & engaging and enjoys country music, reading Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings, and loves to eat Twinkies! Nicholas is an intelligent young man who enjoys learning and is an honor roll student. He also has recently realized he enjoys whittling sticks and is hoping this is something he can continue to do in the future. In addition to being outdoors, he enjoys drawing, playing video games, and watching professional sports. Nicholas likes that his brothers are always there for him no matter what. Brigg has a passion for reading and a great love for movies (Harry Potter is high on his list in both categories). In his free time, Brigg loves creating masterpieces with Legos or exploring worlds in Minecraft. He excels in school, recently, earning awards and certificates not only for academics but also for teamwork. Math and art are his two favorite subjects. Brigg is a well-spoken, intelligent, and engaging young man who enjoys a quiet game of chess but equally loves a game of two-hand touch football with his friends. He is known to be a good friend and a loving brother. Brigg is also currently in the Boy Scouts, which, he really loves and wants to continue with in the future. Vladimir likes to stay on the move and keep busy; especially if he is chasing after his toy cars and trucks. Vladimir is well known for his passion for the show Paw Patrol and his knowledge of all the characters. Although he is an active little boy, Vladimir does enjoy cuddling up with an enjoyable book or sitting at the table to draw or color. He admires his big brothers and enjoys being around them. Vladimir is a delightful, outgoing, and enthusiastic little boy who loves a variety of foods and always wants to try his hand at a video game or two. These brothers share a close bond and would like to remain together. They are looking to find a forever family who will provide them with much love and stability. They play well with other children but would do well if they can be the only children in a home or they would love to have older siblings to look up to. They have a positive relationship with their birth father and should continue having contact with him in the future. These boys are legally free for adoption. To learn more about Nicholas, Brigg, and Vladimir, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.SWAN or have your family recruiter contact Nikole Krosecz via telephone or email at