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X-jayvier from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

X-Jayvier is a precious and beautiful little boy with a jovial spirit and infectious smile. He is a tenacious and spirited youngster who loves to explore and learn about the world around him. X-Jayvier LOVES to be on the move. In his home, he loves playing with beads, rolling cars and balls. Another favorite past time is playing with rope with his caregiver. X-Jayvier loves playing outdoors, going camping, and is a proud member of a community soccer team. If you get the right tunes on, X-Jayvier might even show you some of his sweet dance moves! Since being enrolled in school, X-Jayvier continues to make remarkable progress thanks to the help of his dedicated teachers and staff. X-Jayvier loves riding his bike and swimming, too. X-Jayvier is very curious and will need parents who are able to keep up with him while helping him learn self-awareness and safety. X-Jayvier's family should be open to having outside help in their home as keeping up with X-Jayvier can be a very rewarding full-time job. X-Jayvier is an adorable little kiddo who will steal your heart in an instant. With the continuous love and support, the sky may be the limit for this precious little boy. X-Jayvier is legally free for adoption.