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Xzavier from Pennsylvania



from Pennsylvania

Xzavier would like to challenge you to a game! What game you ask? Board games, card games, and basketball games! He loves a challenge and has a competitive spirit and usually luck is on Xzavier's side, but he also has a good attitude when admitting defeat! Seeing Xzavier win is more fun though because then he'll break out a victory dance! He would love a family who shares his love of games and sports like basketball, football and soccer. Not only is Xzavier talented in gaming and sports, he also enjoys cooking. He doesn't get to cook often but he would enjoy having a family who could teach him how to make fried chicken and macaroni and cheese (and taste test too!) People who know him best say he is a fun guy who is curious and bright with a smile that can put anyone in a good mood! He enjoys school and receives good grades, especially in his favorite subject: Math. Overall he keeps to himself at school and is very concentrated on his work, showing a lot of independence. He is learning to ask for help and politely receive help when it is offered, both in and out of school. Recently, Xzavier has also become a huge dog lover and his weekly highlight happens when a dog named Maggie visits him and teaches him lessons about trust and unconditional love. Maggie agrees Xzavier is fun! Xzavier would prefer a traditional family, with a mom and a dad, and from his perspective his ideal family would be active, have a dog, and enjoy being outside too. Xzavier does well when he is the youngest child in the home. He has learned what it is like to live in a loving and stable family environment and a prospective family will need to show and communicate to Xzavier he will be safe, secure, and loved in his forever family. Additionally, Xzavier's family needs to understand developing a trusting relationship will take time and building this relationship slowly will be helpful. He also has family connections which are important to him and these relationships need to be continued in the future. Xzavier is legally free for adoption. To learn more about Xzavier, please call the SWAN Helpline at 1.800.585.7926.