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Asa from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Updated Dec. 2020: We last met four-year-old Asa in Taiwan in Nov. 2019, and we are excited to announce we now have extensive updates to his file, including new pictures and videos to share! Asa joined our virtual superkids a few weeks ago and we were able to learn more about his developmental and cognitive growth. Just like last time, Asa still loves his toy cars. It’s even better when they are his size so he can ride on them! Since the beginning of November 2020, Asa has started attending school and meeting other children which he interacts with well. We hear he shares well with others. Asa has recently started potty training and he seems to be catching on and learning well. Asa was very outgoing with us and participated in answering our questions and playing virtual games with us. He can initiate conversation, tell his caregivers his needs, and even said ‘bye-bye’ as our time with him came to an end. During his occupational screening, he was very happy, talkative, active, and energetic. He built a block tower up to 12 high, looked at picture books and said, ‘The fire truck is going to save people', and said ‘I want to try again’ on the activities that he really enjoyed. Great job Asa! If you are interested in learning more about Asa, please contact for more information! His previous blog post can be found on our Superkids blog. Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see many of his photos and videos! He’s too cute!! Jan. 2020:Oh my! It took us no time at all to fall in love with Asa! We met him when we were in Taiwan in November of 2019 and he is such a personable little guy! He is vibrant and curious and loves to laugh. Asa is 4 years old! He loves to play with his peers and most recently has begun asking 'what' and 'why' questions! Asa is developmentally delayed but provides clear and relevant answers during a conversation. He also enjoys playing with toy cars, is able to identify many daily objects, and can match colors. Asa is able to walk unsupported with orthopedic shoes and is receiving physical, speech, and occupational therapy. Asa has mild cerebral palsy but can feed himself, build toy towers, and scribble with crayons. Asa also has a hemangioma on his left cheek. This darling little boy needs a family! Could he be your son? Please contact for more information. Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see his adorable photos and videos!
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