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Axl from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Meet 8-year-old Axl. Axl is an energetic, active, and curious young boy who is in overall good physical health. Axl loves to help out and actively offers help to his peers. He will also wait patiently for something he is very interested in. Axl has good self-care skills. He eats by himself, bathes himself, and can read and write. We hear that Axl likes to spend time alone, has a great appetite and is not a picky eater! He likes arts, can ride a two-wheeled bicycle, and enjoys gardening. Axl has mild intellectual disabilities but makes B’s on average in school. We have his school records to prove it! Axl exhibits some impulsive behavior and has been diagnosed with ADHD. His condition showed improvement with medication which he began in 2018. Axl also deals with emotional/behavioral issues but we know he responds well to a lot of encouragement. It is advised that he continue long term treatment with a therapist to provide a channel for him to tunnel his emotions and cope with anxiety in the future. Axl knows about adoption and is aware of his chance. He saw a peer in his home be adopted to the U.S. and he wishes to go swimming with his new mommy and daddy. If you are interested in learning more about Axl, please contact for more information! Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see more of his photos.
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