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Jason from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Have you ever considered adopting an older child? Older children like Jason are still adorable, have many talents, and can have meaningful conversations! As of today in October 2021, Jason is 7 and a half years old. He can ride a bike with two wheels, perform magic tricks, and is a talented basketball player. Jason is described as attentive and thoughtful. For example, he takes the initiative to care about others, especially his foster mother. Jason is not picky about food and performs daily self-care without needing assistance from caregivers. Although he is afraid of the dark, he sleeps soundly throughout the night. Jason likes going to school and states he has many good friends at school. We also hear he has high self-esteem. Jason was recently diagnosed with ADHD, language developmental delay, and sensory integration and social-emotional developmental borderline delay. He currently attends mainstream classes in elementary school and takes two additional resources classes in language and two additional occupational therapy courses (a therapist comes to school to provide assistance). Jason started to take hyperactivity medicine in December 2020. Since then, his teacher thinks he has made much progress and often gives him compliments. He finishes his homework actively and with high accuracy. His favorite subject at school is PE and his academic performance is above average. We even have a copy of Jason’s 2020 report card included in his profile! Jason has been made aware of his adoption planning through a few discussions with a counseling psychologist and government social worker. Counseling has recently been suspended due to the pandemic but will resume after the pandemic begins to subside. Jason needs and deserves a loving family. Please contact to inquire about Jason and be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see more photos and videos!
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