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Kash from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Kash will be turning 3 years old in April and we were lucky enough to spend some time with him during our Superkids trip to Taiwan in November. He is an active little guy who wasn’t wary of us strangers! He was curious and enjoyed playing with our different toys. He can grasp objects and scribble on a paper with a crayon. He is saying a few words – mama, sister, uh-oh. Kash lives with a nanny who he loved to go to for hugs while we were meeting with him. She told us that he is getting physical, occupational and speech therapy three times a week. She stated that she has seem improvements over the last few months, which is great! His nanny also told us that he has a favorite blanket he likes to keep with him – how sweet! Kash has overall developmental delays, and possibly epilepsy. Our hope is that he could thrive in a loving home with parents who can meet his special needs.
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