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Kent from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Updated Apr. 2021: We previously met Kent in Taiwan and got to meet him again recently through our Virtual Superkids! If you want to learn more about Kent, don't forget to tune in for our Facebook live presentation on Tuesday, April 27! 7-year-old Kent’s personality truly shined when we met him in person, but this time he wasn’t as excited to participate in our fun games and activities virtually over Zoom. Kent is a shy boy, but we noticed that more during our recent visit with him. He did however tell us that he can ride a bicycle with only 2 wheels and showed us a dinosaur picture that he drew which was very impressive! Kent enjoys riding his bike and wants to learn how to roller skate next. Kent is friendly with other children at school and has good behavior reports from his teachers. He is able to follow rules, play well with others, shower and brush his own teeth, and much more. He tells his foster mother that he enjoys going to school and likes playing monkey bars on the playground. Like most 7-year-old boys, he loves being active! Kent is afraid of strangers and prefers to be accompanied by familiar people. Kent has been diagnosed with developmental delays, attends resource classes at school, and receives occupational and physical therapy once per week. We still have much more information on Kent so please contact for more information! Also, be sure to join our Taiwan Waiting Child Advocacy group on Facebook to see his photos and videos! Could your family be the one he needs? Previous post: We met Kent for the first time on his 6th birthday last fall! Since this was his first time meeting us, he was pretty shy. We could tell that he has a close relationship with his foster mother as he looked to her for reassurance and followed her directions. In fact, his foster mother described him as “a little prince”! She said that he is sweet, cuddly, active, and likes attention. Kent did pretty well on the tasks that we asked him to do, including tossing a ball, standing on one foot, drawing a person and putting 6 step sequencing cards in order. When we asked him if he could add 2 + 3, he responded to the social worker “No, because I don’t speak English!” Okay, smarty-pants, you got us there! He wasn’t up to answering most of our questions, but he after a while, Bill Porter got up and invited him to play. That’s when we finally saw what I think is the true Kent – he was suddenly full of energy and was clearly having a fun time! Kent is reported to have some developmental delays, and we have information about his time living with his birth family in his profile.
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