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Knox from Taiwan



from Taiwan

Knox turned 3 years old in April and boy is he a cutie! We don’t have photos that can be shared publicly, but we have several, and a couple videos, that can be shared with families interested in reviewing his profile. His caregivers describe Knox as sweet and gentle. Knox likes to be active – he enjoys listening to music and dancing along. He likes watching cartoons (Peppa Pig and Dora are two favorites), and playing on the slide and rocking horse. He takes the initiative to play with his peers, but is still learning how to share. He attends a pre-school class during the week. Knox is stated to have normal development. He is being tested for epilepsy and takes medication for asthma. He was reported to have mild ASD, but the doctors report that no follow-up is needed. Knox’s profile also includes additional information regarding his birth family history.