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Aaron from Texas



from Texas

Aaron is adventurous and inquisitive kid. He is smart a enjoys learning about his environment and likes science. He is fascinated with anything dinosaurs, computers and video games. He struggles with focusing on one task for a long time. He enjoys reading but may require assistance on words he has not mastered. He loves being social and can talk for hours. He plays well with children older and younger than he is. He enjoys playing outdoors and doing water activities. He enjoys getting his hands dirty, building things, crafts, riding bikes, traveling, camping and seeing new places. He desires a family and home to call his own. He would like to be able to build memories and spend holidays with people who care and love him. Aaron will be a great addition to a loving forever family.

Aaron's forever family will be strict, consistent routine, and patience to assist him with tasks. Aaron would like a two-parent household. He would like a small or large family with older siblings and a pet. He would like to live close to Houston because it is familiar to him.

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