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Abbiegail from Texas



from Texas

Abbiegail, who likes to be called "Abbie", is a personable girl who appreciates a lot of on-on-one attention. She has a natural leader personality and relates well to adults. Abbie enjoys music, singing, and art. She has a beautiful voice and is not afraid to share her gift with others. Her favorite class at school is choir, followed by math and English. Some of her other interests are: baking, cooking, and reading. Two of her favorite foods are chow mein and spaghetti. Abbie benefits from a supportive and structured environment, positive reinforcement, clearly defined rules/boundaries, and consistent discipline. Abbie is learning to use appropriate coping skills to deal with everyday impulses and frustrations, as well as taking responsibility for her choices. She does best when she has encouragement to make healthy choices. Visit me at the Bluebonnet Country Heart Gallery.

Abbie needs a family who will be patient through her adjustment and who will provide a structured and nurturing environment. Abbie's ideal parental figures will be caring and committed to helping her get on the right track. They also need to have the confidence to parent a strong-willed child. Because of Abbie's need for one-on-one attention, she will do best in a home where she is the youngest or the only child in the home. She will benefit from role models who demonstrate appropriate and positive peer interactions and a healthy, active lifestyle. A family who is musical or will be supportive of her love of and talent in music, will be ideal. Abbie has siblings who are not part of this adoption. It is very important to her that her family will be supportive of continued contact with her siblings.

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