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Abby from Texas



from Texas

Abby is very talkative and enjoys interacting with other people. She loves to attend church and to learn new things. She often engages in Bible study and is eager to meet new people. She warms up quickly to people she interacts with on a regular basis and is easily trusting. Abby has a desire to possibly attend college after graduating from high school. She has been working extremely hard and is now thriving with learning to express to others how she is feeling. Abby strives to do her best in everything she does. She is looking forward to getting out of high school and aspires to join a profession that allows her to be helpful to others. She makes everyone around her laugh and she lights up any room she comes into. Abby would be a great addition to a loving and caring forever family.

Abby's forever family will genuinely care for her and will listen to her needs and concerns. She is a sweet girl and needs someone she can express herself to. Abby would thrive in a consistent family who loves to laugh and make jokes. She is a funny young lady who always has something to say. Abby would thrive best being in a home where she is an only child.

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