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Adolfo from Texas



from Texas

Adolfo has a big, bright grin and a huge heart. He is a tremendously happy and sweet child who loves to receive attention from his caregivers and nurse aid. Adolfo enjoys spending time during the summer months relaxing by the side of the pool. He also enjoys watching his family participate in horseback riding. Adolfo responds well to routines and structure. He uses a wheelchair to get around and likes to listen to child friendly books and watch television. Adolfo is an absolute joy to be around. He enjoys participating in activities at his school along with his nurse aid and being in the company of other children. Adolfo is active in spite of his physical limitations. He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, spastic Quadriplegia, Hydrocephalus with a VP shunt, tracheamalaisea and Epilepsy. Adolfo is fed through a G-tube and receives oxygen at night.

Adolfo will benefit from a nurturing family who can provide him with attention, love, and affection. He needs a family who will introduce him to new things while still preserving his culture. A structured family who is consistent with routines is ideal. Adolfo uses a wheelchair and receives nutrition through a G-tube. His forever family may benefit from having a nurse aid to assist with his daily care and medical needs. No matter their age, Adolfo will be wonderful with siblings.

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