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  Adriana from Texas



from Texas

Adriana or Nannies, as she likes to be called, is a very affectionate child. She loves attention and to be babied. Adriana is outgoing and funny; she loves to help others out. She likes shopping and going out to eat. Adriana loves chicken nuggets and sweets. She enjoys talking to her sister on the phone. Other activities Adriana likes include; going to the movies, to the park, watching Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, Doc McStuffin, Frozen, and the Cartoon Network. Adriana loves to be on the computer; however, she needs to be supervised. She also likes to play basketball and soccer. Adriana is very active and also likes music and watching music videos. Her favorite singer is Rihanna.

Adriana needs a patient, loving, and nurturing family who will make her feel safe and secure. Her family needs to be patient and allow Adriana time to develop a relationship with her new family. Adriana will benefit from a family where she would be an only child or the youngest child. The family will need to ensure she receives any services she needs. Adriana needs a family who will be an advocate for her educational and therapeutic needs now and as she transitions to adulthood. Adriana needs a family to provide her supervision, praise, and encouragement. Her ideal family will love her unconditionally and be committed to all of her needs. Adriana does have two older sisters who are not part of this adoption, with whom she would like to maintain contact.