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Adryan from Texas



from Texas

Adryan, or "AJ," is an intelligent and well-mannered teen. He tends to be on the shy side and he is usually quiet around unfamiliar people. AJ performs well academically and this is shown through his school reports. He enjoys playing video games, playing Magic: The Gathering, and sports, like football and basketball. AJ participated in a 4H program where he and his goat, Adryanna, won first prize at the goat stock show. AJ makes friends easily and tends to be a role model for his peers. He has a cooperative and helpful personality, and he likes to work hard. Some of this other interests include fishing, camping, and swimming.

AJ will benefit from an active family who encourages him to excel in his talents, including sports and math. He will be most successful joining a family who is wholeheartedly committed to him and accepts him unconditionally. AJ has three younger siblings who he loves and wants to remain part of their lives. He needs a family who understands how important his siblings are to him and will help facilitate their continued contact.

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