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Aerianna from Texas



from Texas

Aerianna, or Anna, is an energetic little girl who loves to run and play. She communicates in her own way by pointing or guiding you to what she wants, she is able to say a few words as well. Anna likes to play outdoors and she loves the water. She also likes to eat snack foods. Anna doesn't mind playing alongside others, but she has very little engagement or interaction with her peers at school. She will interact with her brothers at times. Anna is a very active child and has a hard time sitting still if the activity does not have her interest.

Anthony, Calvin, and Anna are close siblings who don't mind letting everyone else know how much they want to be together. Anthony and Calvin spend time playing together, and especially they love to play video games together. Calvin stated he and Anthony sometimes share secrets and he likes that. Anna expresses her love for her brothers in her own way. She loves to have them teach her how to operate a tablet or iPad. Anna has her own way of communicating and will frequently call out her brothers' names. Her brothers love her and always ask about her well-being. The siblings get along very well and love each other very much.

Anna needs a family who will provide her love, acceptance, structure, and consistency. Her family will be patient meet all her needs. Anna is beginning to make progress communicating, her family will continue to encourage her and access needed resources. Her family will keep her with her brothers, as well as maintaining contact with her paternal grandmother.

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